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It all began when we decided to Stand Together....

Over the course of history it has been seen that social forces can be unstoppable and in many ways have created the world we know today.  Today's businesses are aware of social movements and see their monetary value.  The MLS is first and foremost a business and the easiest way to get their attention is to show them our value.  This website is a place for Baltimoreians to unite and grow our enthusiasm for soccer in the community, with the goal of bringing to Baltimore an MLS team and all the youth opportunities that come with it.


Maryland has a long history of soccer success.  Many great players such as Kyle Beckerman have come from Baltimore and it's surrounding counties.  University of Maryland is notorious for its ability to create pro talent such as Taylor Twellman, Omar Gonzalez, Graham Zusi and 28 other CURRENT(2016) professional soccer players around the world.


If we bring to task our combined strength and passion for soccer, we can bring an MLS soccer team to Baltimore within the next 4 years.  The MLS brass look at three main components when selecting expansion cities.  An established local fan base is one of the corner stones and the MLS office takes into account websites, blog posts, search results, social activity and local ticket sales.  This is how we unite and show our strength as a soccer hot bed.  In many recent expansion cities such as Orlando City and NYCFC, a large and vocal fan base has brought about the second main component, ownership interests.  The third main component is a plan for a soccer specific stadium in the city's plans.  With a soccer stadium already in the Port Covington Project plans, we see a clear path to the MLS within the next 2 years as soon as we prove our fan base. Join the crowds at Bohemian and Blast games to show your support after finding us on Facebook.