MLS Commissioner Don Garber intends to expand the league from 30 to 32 teams. Help Bring MLS Expansion to Baltimore


Redefining The Game

Soccer in Maryland


Maryland has a long history of soccer success.  Many great players such as Kyle Beckerman have come from Baltimore and it's surrounding counties.  University of Maryland is notorious for its ability to create pro talent such as Taylor Twellman, Omar Gonzalez, Graham Zusi and 28 other CURRENT(2016) PRO soccer players around the world.

Also the Baltimore Blast have been a stedfast pillar of soccers ability to succeed in Baltimore. The average attendance was 6,123 per game in 2014, thousands more than the league average. The average attendance of an MLS game in 2013 was 18,603. D.C. United averaged 13,646 per game and the quality of soccer in the MLS is 100 times better. The Blast keeps surviving even when the indoor league's it has been apart of keep folding every few years! It is because Baltimore and Maryland is a Soccer Town.

A Derby To Watch


With the MLS moving towards local derby's in New York and LA it would be wise to offer a local rivalry for one of its most historically successful teams, DC United.  It has been argued by some that a Baltimore MLS team would harm DC United but we see it the other way around.  DC United has long had a rival, the New York Metro Stars, but the now named Red Bulls are now and future rivals with NYCFC for a battle over their city.  I mean that's sounds intriguing just writing this.  How about one for DC United then.  With the Maryland Virginia area having so much soccer talent it would be for the best to bring a level of competition to the region.  The one thing the MLS can offer american sports fans that is unique to soccer and the MLS is the opportunity for local kids to be able to play for their favorite team when they come of age and not just get drafted to a random team they have no love for.  This would excite a stagnent fan base in DC and drive home grown players on both sides to play for their beloved home team and country.

Rich Fan Base


Baltimore's fan base has long been considered rich in both enthusiasm and well annual income.  Lets begin with the discussion of money because with good reason that is all the MLS should care about as a business.  Per 2014 Cencus Beauro Maryland is #1 in median household income.  Yes that is correct, out of all states, Maryland takes home the most money.  For the MLS to not have a team in this state means missing out on a great financial opportunity.  Now we can also look at the enthusiasm of Marylander's.  We have supported Baltimore's Orioles through decades of tough times, Ravens through good and bad, and even carried our indoor soccer team the Blast through multiple failed leagues.  Baltimore football fans waited decades after the Baltimore Colt's left with the majority of them not turning their fanship to another team(DC).  Their is a spirit of loyalty and stedfast money spending year after year amoung us Baltimorians that should be pointed out to the MLS and those interested in possible ownership to the great opportunity before them.