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If FC Cincinnati has taught us one thing it is that high attendance puts your name in the hat for an MLS expansion team. Before the beginning of this USL(3rd teir) season when MLS expansion was brought up by the commissioner Don Garber, Cincinnati was not even a notable mention. Yet filling a stadium and putting it on the internet proves that the masses have the power to affect change. The MLS has since put Cincinnati on a short list for expansion.

Baltimore has historically had large crowds at high level international and club games as well as friendlies. Also, Baltimore regularly ranks high with Premier League as well as world cup TV ratings. These facts plus the number of highly rated high school soccer talents produced in the area proves that Baltimore consumes soccer at the highest levels.

As a city though, we do seem to be ambivalent toward having any minor league teams, which does not make sense to me. What makes European soccer work so well is local support for each team. For many European fans, they even rank their club team as more important than their country! Somewhat unheard of in American culture but we could take a lesson from them in terms of supporting our local club. FC Cincinnati sure has and it has changed the game for their city and its soccer destiny.

You may ask, who then should we support in Baltimore? We have our Bohemians, Blast, and we are rumored to have a Baltimore USL(3rd tier) team starting in 2018. The Baltimore Blast are reigning champions in indoor soccer and our spring and summer Bohemian games showcase the highest level of amateur soccer in the US(4th tier). Tickets are cheap, so invest in Baltimore's future and support your local clubs!

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